"The Gore Gore Girls" Full Movie

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Title : The Gore Gore Girls

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Cast : Frank Kress (Abraham Gentry), Amy Farrell (Nancy Weston), Hedda Lubin (Marlene), Henny Youngman (Marzdone Mobilie), Russ Badger (Lt. Anderson), Jackie Kroeger (Suzie Cream Puff), Nora Alexis (Lola Prize), Phil Laurenson (First Policeman), Frank Rice (Second Policeman), Corlee Bew (First Go-Go Dancer), Emily Mason (Mary McHenry), Lena Bousman (Second Go-Go Dancer), Marina Salli (Third Go-Go Dancer), Norman Dachman (Master of Ceremonies), Menda MacPhail (Fourth Go-Go Dancer), Menda MacPhail (Fifth Go-Go Dancer), Marlene Berger (Pickles), Ray Sager (Barney the Bartender)

Movie Plot : A ditsy reporter enlists the help of a sleazy private eye to solve a series of gory killings of female strippers at a Chicago nightclub.

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