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Girls! Girls! Girls!

A dreamboat of a drama.
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Elvis plays Ross Carpenter, a fishing guide/sailor who loves his life out on the sea. When he finds out his boss is retiring to Arizona, he has to find a way to buy the Westwind, a boat that he and his father built. He is also caught between two women: insensitive club singer Robin and sweet Laurel.


**Theirs concern wasn't surviving, but what they had in their hands!** This Canadian thriller-drama was a surprise. This little gem was well made despite financially belong to a lower grade. From the actors to the crew, all were fresh. This is a limited cast film about the four young teen girls who are stranded on a lake bank for days with a dead body. Trying to get back home, but lost their way in the wilderness. So they face numerous challenges, and risking their lives, they take a mission on their hands. But would they succeed or not what leads to the final segment of the narration. I have seen plenty of lost in wild and struggling to survive films. But this one was not one of those, except the story outline. In this, the girls are not concerned about their survival. Obviously, that's the first step anybody would consider for, but these girls are comfortable and confident on that. So what's this about then? This is about a quest they had undertaken that becomes theirs foremost priority. That's why it looked so fresh, despite there's no story in it, just the random happenings. So I think it is an underrated film. I was aware of this film when it came out, but had no luck to have a watch. Very engaging narration, there's always something keeps happening. That is one of the reasons to hook with it till the last, despite technical flaws. I mean, in many parts, the camera work was sloppy, like out of focus and too much close up shots. They might have done it deliberately, but the viewers won't feel comfortable in a normal film and this one wasn't a normal film, not to me. I loved the locations, feels like I want to visit there. I think the filmmakers used it perfectly to the story they wanted to tell us. I know the end should have been in detail, but I'm happy for its simplicity. Besides, small film like this can't afford fancy conclusion and to commercialise. Now this is kind of artistic portrayal of struggle, as well as very edgy film. Its okay if you're not interested in this, but you should try it if an opportunity is near to you. _7/10_

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