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Title : Unchained

Genre : Crime, Drama

Cast : Elroy 'Crazylegs' Hirsch (Steve Davitt), Barbara Hale (Mary Davitt), Chester Morris (Kenyon Scudder), Jerry Paris (Joe Ravens), John Qualen (Leonard Haskins), Tim Considine (Win Davitt), Johnny Johnston (Eddie Garrity), Peggy Knudsen (Elaine), Todd Duncan (Bill Howard)

Movie Plot : This fact-based prison drama tells the tale of a band of prisoners living in the innovative 2,600-acre prison at Chino, California. The place takes a humanistic approach to reform and there are no armed guards, no lockups and no uniforms. The underlying philosophy is that if these things are not there, the prisoners will not want to escape, and will instead accept their punishment. A new inmate arrives and soon accustoms himself to the new idea. The story includes the Oscar nominated song Unchained Melody.

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