"Kentucky" Full Movie

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Title : Kentucky

Genre : Drama, Romance

Cast : Loretta Young (Sally Goodwin), Richard Greene (Jack Dillon), Walter Brennan (Peter Goodwin), Douglass Dumbrille (John Dillon - 1861), Karen Morley (Mrs. Goodwin - 1861), Moroni Olsen (John Dillon - 1938), Russell Hicks (Thad Goodwin Sr. - 1861), Willard Robertson (Bob Slocum), Charles Waldron (Thad Goodwin - 1938), Bobs Watson (Peter Goodwin - 1861), Delmar Watson (Thad Goodwin Jr. - 1861), Leona Roberts (Grace Goodwin), Charles Lane (Auctioneer), Charles Middleton (Southerner), George Reed (Ben), Harry Hayden (Racing Secretary), Robert Middlemass (Track Official), Madame Sul-Te-Wan (Lily), Cliff Clark (Melish), Meredith Howard (Susie May), Frederick Burton (Presiding Officer), Charles Trowbridge (Doctor), Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson (Groom), Stanley Andrews (Presiding Judge), Carol Adams (Girl), James Adamson (Stable Swipe), John Henry Allen (Stable Swipe), Eddie Arcaro (Kentucky Derby Jockey), Matthew 'Stymie' Beard (Black Child), Chick Chandler (Betting Parlor Clerk), Tom Chatterton (Man at Race Track), James Conaty (Dance Extra), Hal K. Dawson (Auction Clerk), Dudley Dickerson (Chauffeur), John Dilson (Man at Race Track), Eddie Dunn (Moving Man), James Eagles (Jockey Involved in Disqualification), Edward Earle (Man with Woman at Race Track), John Elliott (Cal), Mildred Gover (Cleo), Harrison Greene (Betting Parlor Manager), Sherry Hall (Chalker), Howard C. Hickman (Banker), John Hiestand (Derby Radio Announcer), Margaret Irving (Woman with Man at Race Track), Eugene Jackson (Jimmy), Frank Jaquet (Martin), I. Stanford Jolley (Kentucky Derby Patron), Darby Jones (Duckfoot), Thaddeus Jones (Zeb), Eddie Kane (Mustached Bettor at Race Track), Edward Keane (Man at Race Track), Robert Lowery (Sally's Partner at Ball), Billy McClain (Zeke), Harold Miller (Dancer), Walter Miller (Cavalry Sergeant), Charles R. Moore (Stable Swipe), Edmund Mortimer (Dancer), James C. Morton (Bartender), Daisy Lee Mothershed (Louella), Lee Murray (Palisades' Jockey), Harry Myers (Dancer), John Nesbitt (Commentator (voice)), Bernice Pilot (African-American Servant), Cyril Ring (Dancer), Henry Roquemore (Betting Parlor Patron), Willie Saunders (Postman's Jockey), Lee Shumway (Sergeant), Buster Slaven (Newsboy), Edwin Stanley (Banker), Larry Steers (Thaddeus' Friend), Landers Stevens (Man at RAce Track), Bobbie Thomson (Blue Grass' Jockey), Joan Valerie (Lucy Pemberton), Blue Washington (Bill), Douglas Wood (Race Track Patron), Lillian Yarbo (Magnolia), Sam Harris (Dancer), Robert 'Tex' Allen (Man Dancing with Sally (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Romeo and Juliet story set amidst horseracing in Kentucky. The family feud of lovers Jack and Sally goes back to the Civil War and is kept alive by her Uncle Peter.

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