"Female Fugitive" Full Movie

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Title : Female Fugitive

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Cast : Evelyn Venable (Peggy Mallory, aka Ann Williams), Craig Reynolds (Jim Mallory), Reed Hadley (Bruce Dunning), John Merton (Henchman Mort), John Kelly (Red, Dunning's chauffeur), Ray Bennett (Henchman Burke), Emmett Vogan (Investigator Tom Leonard), Lee Phelps (Investigator Steve Roberts), Sam Flint (Edward J. Howard), Martha Tibbetts (Claire Bannister), Charlotte Treadway (Mrs. Bannister), Reginald Sheffield (Dr. Richardson), Fern Emmett (Cook who quits), Claire Rochelle ()

Movie Plot : Police set up a dragnet to trap an outlaw's wife whom they believe to be his accomplice.

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