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Title : Skyscraper

Genre : Drama

Cast : William Boyd (Blondy), Alan Hale (Slim Strede), Sue Carol (Sally), Alberta Vaughn (Jane), Wesley Barry (Redhead), Kusell's Dancing Debutantes (Dancers)

Movie Plot : This is a typically benign silent comedy/drama whose only distinction is that it is set among the skyscrapers of 1928 NYC. Either the location work is real (hard to beleive they'd take chances with the lives of stars) or the matte work is extraordinry for its day. Blondy and Swede are gruff best friends who build skyscrapers. Blondy gets sweet on a girl he saves from a falling beam, Sally, but when he is injured in an accident and temporarily crippled, he rejects her. Swede tries every desperate measure to get Blondy to fight back, to try to walk, even masquerading as stealing Sally away from him. It all comes right in the end. Oscar nomination for Screenplay

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