House of Hancock 2015

House of Hancock tells the epic true story of the Hancock dynasty and the bizarre love triangle that emerged between Lang, his daughter Gina, and his beautiful Filipina housekeeper Rose.

The King's Dream 2012

Kim Chunchu is the grandson of King Jinji, but when his grandfather is overthrown, Chunchu is denied the chance to become a successor to the throne of Silla. He later meets Kim Yushin, and the two men begin a friendship. Chunchu later becomes King Muyeol, the 29th Korean monarch who leads the unification of three ancient kingdoms - Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla, while Kim Yushin becomes one of the greatest generals in Korean history.

Mental 2016

Four young adults with different stories but the same destination; closed psychiatric ward.

Falcón 2012

Falcón is a brilliant detective whose personal and professional life is compromised by dark secrets from the past.

Bundai Dok Ruk 2011

A twin romantic comedy starring Om Akapan, ‘Min’ Pechaya Wattanamontree, and Sammie Pantitha Puwijaan. Om is the twin, playing two characters Thup and Tian. Love the name play, Tupe means incense and Tian means candle. One is a playboy, the other is a serious business man. Min plays Krachao. She comes from a poor family and will do almost anything to rise up but her heart is pure. She doesn't steal, lie, or cheat others out of their rightful earnings. Her best friend is played by Sammie. Sammie works on Tupe and Tian's farm. She brings in Krachao to help her as a worker and along the way they befall many schemes from outsiders who want to destroy the farm or destroy Krachao's good reputation. Sammie is a tomboy. She doesn't spend a lot of time fixing herself and when one of the twin goads her on, she changes herself to become beautiful.

Kun Pee Tee Rak 2014

The story of Pii a young soul suffering from amnesia. Pii has a need need to seek the help of "Holy Water Students", people who sees ghosts; unfortunaltely his fear of the Holy Water group is not helping his cause. The formation of a bond between P and the group mean he must deal with Kamin, evil spirits trying to pump his soul to increase its own power. Fortunately, there is are Angels abe to to assist.

Temporary Husband 2014

Fluke works as a waiter in a posh restaurant. He provides for himself well and is ambitious to boot. Care, his mother who is addicted to gambling, Kang and Namtaan are neighbors of Fluke and are just like real sisters. Lam Pao's is widowed, divorced from her husband. Despite her young age, but she has retained her beauty throughout her life. She is a high society, with many close friends. The triad of love relationships, betrayal and hope begins.

Crown Wing 2014

Nat Jersey arrived early this time and he sat at the large immaculate table in the dining room alone, then moment came when the dearest Countess walks into the room. High society Thais kick it off again in this stunning drama with fabulous cast.

Flower Ring 2007

Complex emotional drama about a wealthy family and the five siblings who fall in love and create issues for the class system of Thailand

Naughty Angel 2014

In this romantic comedy Teepob (Put) and Lallalit "Beauty" (Vill) grew up together but he hates her. So when she comes to him for help to regain power over her family's company, he pranks her by sending her to do the lowest jobs. Lallalit is a spoiled, bratty and selfish heiress who is completely absorbed with her own beauty. Looking down from heaven two angels decide to teach her a lesson by acting as her fairy godmothers and casting a spell on her. Only she doesn't receive a reward but the curse of living her life as a human at day and as a bird at night. Only true love's kiss can break the spell thinks everyone loves her, so when she was challenged to break the spell. Of course Lallalit thinks it would be a piece of cake to find somebody love her but to her surprise she overhears people talking badly about her, hating her for being rotten. Will Lallalit overcome her spoiled attitude and find true love at last?

Ruk Nai Marn Mek 2010

Nong Sai loved and adored Pada like a hero. Though he went to study aboard for 10 years, her feelings for him never faltered. She never forgot and waited for him to return. Even when a young flight officer Samit Kanjonrat (”TengNeung” Kritnagan Maneepagaphan) fell in love with her, she rejected him to remain true to Pada. Seeing his daughter wait and long for Pada, Khun Win Sinwit remembered an agreement he had with General Pat to have Nong Sai and Pada wed to erase a 80 million baht (2.5 million USD) debt owed by General Pat to Khun Win. Khun Ying Amporn, Pada’s mother, was very worried about this debt. She feared losing her house, losing her fortune, so she ordered her son Pada to come back and marry Nong Sai immediately. One problem, Pada is already married to Chomphilai (”Yok” Thanyakan Thongitthananon). When Khun Win announces he is ill and only had 1 year to live, Khun Ying Amporn uses this opportunity as a bargaining point to beg Chomphilai to divorce Pada for just one year. If not, Pada will lose his entire fortune, so Chomphilai agreed to divorce Pada. After Pada and Nong Sai wed, Pada takes good care of Nong Sai. However, he does not touch her. When she finds a good man who will love her truly, he vows to divorce her. In the marriage, Nong Sai had to endure many things– ill-treatment from Khun Ying Amporn and bullying from Chomphilai. Gradually, Pada began to feel the love and concern Nong Sai had for him, he is shaken by it and too started to develop feelings for her. When Chomphilai notices this, she sent her older brother Chalermchai (”Nam” Rapeepat Akekapunkul) to her pursue Nong Sai to make her lose her way. Nong Sai leaves Pada's house after they argued and she felt betrayed by him. So, Khun Win sent Nong Sai to receive treatment aboard. Gradually she got better and learned to walk. Khun Ying Amporn was livid when she learned she had been deceived, she ordered her son Pada to divorce Nong Sai right away, but he refused giving his mother the excuse that he wanted to keep the promise he gave to Khun Win. Truthfully, it was a cover, Pada had fallen in love with Nong Sai and he did not want to lose her. As Pada became more interested, more engrossed with Nong Sai, it caused Chomphilai to stray. She started seeing her ex-hubby/ex-boyfriend Boontheert. They began to have a sexual affair and there is a sex tape to prove that they did. Throughout his marriage to Nong Sai, Khun Ying Amporn reminded Pada that he has Chomphilai, she loves him dearly and he should not think too much of Nong Sai. Hearing this from this mother constantly , Pada made the decision to end it with Nong Sai and get back with Chomphilai after she tells him that she is pregnant with his child. With Nong Sai, when she learned that Pada was once married to Chomphilai and they divorced because of her, she was devastated and asked Pada for a divorce to which he agreed. After the divorce, Nong Sai moved back to her house at the farm. She agreed to marry Smith Kanjonrat to forget about Pada. Soon after, Pada breaks up with Chomphilai when he learned that she had a sexual affair with her ex-boyfriend Boontheert. Chomphilai blamed her break up with Pada on Nong Sai instead of herself and ordered her brother Chalermchai to kill Nong Sai. When Pada learned of their plans, he goes to find Nong Sai to save her, to protect her.

End of the String 2013

Tithit (Toomtam Yuthana Puengklarng) meets Gandaomanee Girinisuan (View Wannarot Sontichai) in Phrajoit and falls in love with her. Unbeknownst to Thit, Gandaomanee is using her elder twin sister's name, Gandaowasee, for herself, therefore tricking him into thinking her real name is Gandaowasee. She later leaves him when she grows tired of him and finds out that he's the poor son of a merchant (his mother makes Thai desserts). Thit is heart-broken and tries searching for her unsuccessfully. One year later, Thit meets the real Gandaowasee Kitrinisuan at a banquet and is ecstatic upon seeing her. But Gan claims she doesn't know him. Thit is confused and confronts Gan about their relationship. He assumes she doesn't want to remember him because he's poor, therefore denying ever knowing him. Gan doesn't know that she has a younger twin named Gandaomanee (Nee) from her father's previous marriage, and that Gandaomanee is using Gan's name to cause trouble for people around her. Their parents separated when the twins were born. Their father, Visake, took Gan with him, while Nee is left with their mother. She later remarried a poor man who works as a principal at a school. Nee is bitter about her poor life and blames Visake and Gan for it. Therefore, she uses her older twin sister's name to fool with men around her. Thit soon inherits a fortune from his father's family and becomes rich. It turns out Visake, Gan's father, is a close friend of Thit's paternal family. Gan finds out that he is the sole heir to the Suriyakan family fortune. He taunts her character, making false accusations about her. A lot of misunderstandings occur because he thinks she is a two-faced person who plays with men's hearts. He also believes that she is stealing her younger stepsister's boyfriend. Thit's grandmother soon realizes that Thit and Gan have feelings for each other (although he still thinks of Gan as his "Gandaowasee" that he met a year ago). She wants to see Thit marry someone he loves, so she proposes they marry each other. Gan refuses the proposal at first, for she knows he is mistaking her for his other Gandaowasee and that he doesn't truly love her. Nareerat (Apple Aitanik Intarasut), Gan's stepsister, is under the impression that Gan is stealing her boyfriend, Brapun (Pukhai Pongsiri Bunluewong). She threatens to kill herself if Gan doesn't marry Thit. Gan gives in, accepting Thit's wedding "proposal." Thit and Gan marry each other and slowly fall in love. Soon Gandaomanee gets into the picture, trying to win back Tit now that he's rich. She wants a better life for herself and will do anything to get what she wants. Thit is conflicted to who "Gandaowasee" really is. The one he met at the beach, or the one he married. Only time will tell who Tit really loves.

Pin Rak 2013

Story about a handsome young stay at home father who gets involved with a young beauty.

The Last Weekend 2012

When Ian and Em receive a surprise invitation from their old friend Ollie to spend a weekend in the Suffolk countryside, they expect an idyllic holiday. But the competitive edge to the men's relationship soon rises to the surface, with irreversible consequences.

An Innocent Mistake 2012

Zhong Man Qing received 3 times the mother's love, as she was raised by 3 mothers. But all their love could not stop her secret longing for a father. When a case of lost wallet led her to Zheng Da Shan, she thought she had found the perfect father figure. His wise counsel comforted her during a tumultuous time in her life. She began to envy his son Zheng Yu En for having him as a parent. Their relationships became complicated when the son expressed his love interest in her, but she only wanted the father. Three of them learned a hard lesson on how to love so that love is a blessing and not a torment.

So Long! 2013

AKB48 Drama split in 3 parts for each team Team A story: Kawakami Fukaba is the only remaining member of the Broadcasting Club. While she was cleaning the clubroom, she encountered a strange cassette player that connects her to another member of the club 8 years earlier. Team K story: Miho is annoyed at her younger sister Tsubasa, who is trying to make her participate in a piano competition. Unknown to Miho, Tsubasa is hiding something from her. Team B story: Asuka keeps a blog titled "Tsuki ga nai Sora" (Moonless Sky), where she writes about all her problems. The only person who comments on the blog is called Spaceboy (6B6), and seems to know more about Asuka than anyone in her class.

The End of Waiting 2013

Two people who lost touch over the years and have found each other again. Om is playing a prince who had to flee his country along with is mother and adopted sister Marnfah (Chat)–his father was being overthrown by his uncle. They had no choice but to leave their mother country to Thailand where they were separated to face their own destinies. Om grows up under the support of a Hong Kong businessman and he becomes a successful businessman himself. Marnfah was sent to live with a military family in northern Thailand. Her name was changed from Marnfah to Bralee. At the present time, she has just graduated from a school in the United States and has decided to visit a friend in Hong Kong. This is where she will meet her long lost prince. Instead of her friend picking her up, she is picked up by Jao San (Om), a man her father does business with. As for him, he knows exactly who she is, her complete background that she is Marnfah–the young lady he has been keeping a watchful eye on out of concern. So they meet again. As the story progresses, our exiled prince has to decide whether he wants to join the rebel forces to restore his throne and honor OR be satisfy with having the love of his life be by his side and to give him support for the rest of his life. I think he can have both. It’s a story of romance and war, you guys in?