Love, Cheryl 2018

Produced for Glass Eye Pix as part of their 2018 Creepy Christmas Film Festival, in which each short is inspired by a holiday-themed word. This film, the nineteenth in the series, is inspired by the word “toys.”

Robot Will Protect You 2018

One rainy night in futuristic Neo Berlin, nine year old Tina and her guardian robot, SAM-53, set off on a quest that asks: if cyberspace has made romantic love obsolete, do we still need love in the real world?

The Spiral 2018

Jon Caine, a respected lecturer in a university, was found missing. Three months later he resurfaced and massacred a group of civilians and police at a cafe. After being apprehended by Detective Inspector Aleana, he was sent to an asylum to be interrogated by a criminal psychologist, Dr Melanie Surya. Jon was erratic and psychotic, as well as deadly - traits that he didn't have before he went missing. Melanie soon learnt that her very existence is the key to Jon's sudden change of behavior and ultimately, she unlocked the secret that Jon has held inside him.

Pirata! Cult Movie 1984

In a hypothetical future not too far away people are completely dazed and spend their days passively watching TV. The state is controlled by a dictator, the Supreme Dreamer, who governs through the brutal force of the police, whose agents have a very elegant yellow and black latex outfit. The only entertainment of the people is to watch the dictator's dreams on TV, which are aired through a hat. One day the protagonist, an anarchist rebel with fake mustache, steals the dictator's hat. At that point begins his escape during which he will meet some very special characters.

Computer of Death 1987

Paris Vellis is a computer games programmer who has developed a computer that it is possible to transport oneself into to play games. Despite the computer warning of the danger he enters his latest game where he must win or die.

Massacre on Martin & 3rd: A Neoliberal Horror Story 2018

Done in the style of a Left-wing political essay, this mockumentary documents the events that led to a violent incident in a small, lower-income community in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio - beginning when the local Summit County Legislative Office strikes a deal with the cable company Ascentar to establish a city-run internet service.

Invaders 2018

On Christmas Eve, a small UFO struggling to find his place in the universe follows his two mischievous friend's down to earth, whilst trying to impress and gain their acceptance he inadvertently changes Christmas forever.

Computron 22 1988

Luca, a young boy of eleven, lives with his grandfather in a majestic house in Rome. Learning that his mother, whom he believed to be dead, now lives in Argentina, he goes to look for his portable computer, Toto.

Fiesta Nibiru 2017

Two apathetic twentysomethings spend the night of Saturday deciding whether or not to go to a costume party. As time passes by, more friends, more drugs are added and everything ends in a small tragedy that will completely change the fate of the night.

Xeriphium 2019

4 college students go on a camping trip deep into the mountains only to return with a mysterious entity surrounding them.


A supernatural experiment merges the past and the present in this narrative/dance collaboration with Emmy-Nominated choreographers Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, and Teddy Forance.


After being hospitalized for PTSD and self-harm, Elma has been granted a student apartment in order to resume her philosophy studies. Being far from mentally recovered, the psychiatry has installed an artificial intelligence in her apartment - the 5th generation supportive housing system, titled "5R13ND" - programmed to aid her in her every day life and routines, and above all to control her daily intake of psychotropics. Quickly suffering from side effects from her new medication, Elma gets more and more reluctant to the idea of medically repressing her traumatic memories. In the shadows of her doubts about 5R13ND's motives, lies the terror of her past, waiting to be free.

Past Tense 2015

After finding a mysterious note, two would-be time-travelers must face the consequences of their actions -- before they even finish building their machine.

Tales of Genesis Space 2000

There is a place on the backwaters of the Internet where an entire universe has spun off of its own accord. This place is called Genesis Space and it is a birthing ground of imagination. There has been much press given to the "promise" of the Internet, but few know where that promise lies. Consider this video presentation a road map to that place and be prepared to be astounded by what awaits you. I bid you welcome to Genesis Space. The only limits in this place are the ones Self-imposed on your own imagination. Free your mind and take a walk through this strange place. Your feet may never touch the ground...